Cabinet de Conseil en Allaitement

Christine Maillart Aboukhait

Consultante en lactation

certifiée IBCLC - Infirmière DE



11 allée Lucie Aubrac

31520 Ramonville St Agne

(première allée sur la droite dans la rue Rosa Parks)


Consultations sur rendez-vous au:




Vous pouvez également utiliser notre formulaire de contact.

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SOS Breastfeeding Toulouse in France

You are breastfeeding or planning to.

You are working and willing to continue to breastfeed.

You want to wean and/or you are starting solids.


You find difficulties (not enough or too much milk, pain, engorgement, breast refusal,..) and you need professional help.

You have questions and need professional listening and support.

You are living a particular situation (twins, premature baby, adopted baby, relactation, down syndrome baby, cleft lip/palate baby..)


I am a Lactation Consultant certified IBCLC and I can help you through individual and personalized consultations at your home or in my clinic with a telephonic and/or e-mail follow-up after a first consultation.

I also organize workshops with different topics like "Breastfeeding, how and why?",  "Beginning breastfeeding", "Going back to work", and " weaning and giving solids".


Consultation cost is 40 euros per hour (10 euros per quater of hour plus) in my clinic; I add travel expenses when coming at your home. One consultation last one hour minimum, plus if necessary.


Individual consultations can be reimbursed by some mutual.


Please contact me through the "formulaire de contact" or by phone:



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